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Hello, everyone who already knows us and greetings to all who has never heard of a provocative and intriguing name “Parazita Kusok!”
But don’t be afraid, this contradictory name implies long and interesting story, began with stickerbooks and resulting as an online shop of authorial stickers.

Our project is a special place where creators and modern art lovers meet and help each other with expressing their own selves. For our international website we’ve chosen another name-GAGABUZZ

What can you buy using our website? 
There are 4 main categories:
1) Stickerbooks Parazita Kusok – these are unique albums of stickers created by authors from all over the world. Stickerbooks can be of different sizes, formats and have special themes. Like, for example, #FOLLOWRUSSIA one. This stickerbook combines illustrations that depict charm and identity of Russian culture.
2)  Stickerpacks – set of stickers, contour shaped, 6*7 sm of size. Quantity of stickers in a stickerpack can vary from 2-12 pcs.
3) Single sticker. They’re contour shaped and are sold by one pce. Standart size – 6*7 sm.
4) Sticker Pages – this is a page with stickers of  А4 or А5 format. All stickers are contour shaped and can be of various sizes.

Where do the pictures come from?
Our shop is called online shop of authorial stickers for a reason. Talented painters from all over the world send us their illustrations and we turn them into stickers. Painters receive 15% interest and more. If you want to become one of these painters, please read the following article.

What material we use for stickers?
All stickers are:
1) Printed on vinyl (do not confuse it with paper that can get soaked and be easily torn);
2) rather thick, waterproof, don’t lose colours over time;
3) can be easily unstuck and don’t leave any marks.
Stickerbooks – vinyl;
Stickers, stickerpacks and stickerpages – vinyl + lamination (matt or glossy, which one you like better). Lamination can greatly prolong the stickers’ durability and make them almost «indestructible».

What does a gift pack look like?

As it is known, stickers or stickerbooks are great presents for any reason, age and sex. That’s why you can also find a gift pack that looks like that and costs 50 rub.

Which surfaces are suitable for stickers?
Stickers, stickerpacks and stickerpages can be made with lamination so they are suitable for all surfaces( mobiles, skateboards, snowboards, push stand-up scooters and etc.). As for the stickerbook we recommend to use these stickers for non-bearing surface. Such as: laptops, doors, fridges, notebooks and other things like that. But if you really want to stick one on a board, you’d better cover it with lacquer.


And now let us tell you how it all began. 

The first collection of street-art stickers named Parazita Kusok #1 saw the light in 2011. The title was created by the project leader’s grandmother in the distant 1988, she told the phrase when saw his first picture left on wallpapers. At that time there was no such thing as stickerbombing culture in Saint-Petersburg and in Russia in general; you could find just some hand-made stickers by local writers, branded stickers and that’s all. In contrast to France and Japan where we have been several times. That’s why the idea of creating a special album with pictures by authors from all over the world has come up.

About 60 painters took part in working on the first volume of stickerbook that was released on paper with a run of 1000 copies. While creating it we felt inspired by street-art and hip-hop culture. It was impossible to buy the stickerbook online so the run was shared between friends. 

After releasing the first volume we understood that stickers quickly lose their original state because of the paper and are not suitable for street; therefore the next and the following volumes were released as an improved version (using vinyl).

In December 2012 the new stickerbook Parazita Kusok 2 was released. We managed to combine on 90 pages 338 street-art works created by 80 representatives of different styles and directions of street-art culture. We also made efforts to satisfy all of the Parazita Kusok 1 customers’ requests and create the most complete, high-quality and stylistically rich stickerbook in the world. So it happened. 

In December 2012 Parazita Kusok 2 was released. It was created using vinyl which helped stickers keep their original state in spite of the aggressive environment influence.

After release of  Parazita Kusok 2  we found out there’re many followers of our ideas who started printing their own albums with stickers. Presence of appearing competition along with the growing interest in modern art demonstrated that в России popularity of "stickerbombing" culture in Russia starting to gather speed and soon become massive  .

In February 2014 was relased the 3rd stickerbook named  Parazita Kusok 3 - Green, printed using vinyl.
This time collection consisted of  138 original stickers by 60 representatives of street-art culture. 




In October of the same year were also released 2 authorial stickerbooks called : "Sticky  letters" by Yaroslav Kirsanov and "Pony Stickers" by Toma Chernobai.  

In July 2015 were released new volumes of stickerbooks Parazita Kusok – space volumes 4.1 and 4.2.

They were named space volumes for a reason. Authors geography greatly expanded and style of stickers became so cool and surreal that you get the impression they were created in a different galaxy.

Volume 4.1. includes 200 stickers by 70 authors from all over the world.

Cover for this one was created by a professional graffiti painter; illustrator and designer – Stanislav Dange.

The first part of «Space collection» includes 200 authorial stickers by graffiti painters, illustrators and designers from all across the world. In August 2015 this collection became available for order.



PK 4.2 replaced PK 4.1 on orbit! But the orbit remained cool.

Volume 4.2. includes 197 stickers by 70 authors from all over the world.


All this time we were dreaming of creating stickerbook dedicated to Russia and in May 2016 it happened-we released stickerbook named «FOLLOWRUSSIA» in collaboration with great guys from Bang! Bang! Studio  and Design factory «Flakon»(Flask).

In this stickerbook many of Bang! Bang! Studio  illustrators shared their unique vision of national colour so each of you will be able to find reflections of these peculiar ideas.




Dear painters and illustratoes, designers and writer! Parazita Kusok 5 finally combined and is to be released in 2017. 
The cover was created by a magician from sunny Venezuela called Choco Toy (applause). 
The stickerbook topic - Мир (Peace). Nowadays this theme is very relevant so many talented painters demonstrated their view on pages of the collection Parazita Kusok 5. 
Moreover, while working on this stickerbook we used the new format: painters who passed the selection get his/her own page fashioned in their own authorial style. 
We hope you will appreciate the innovation.
P.S: From this moment on stickerbooks  of the line «Parazita Kusok» will be released in a limited run which makes them limited editions. 



If you want to take part in creating of a six volume of stickerbook, please send you works on the following e-mails: info@gagabuzz.com with the note "For PK6".



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